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Thread: Euthanized cats and dogs and chems in pet food. Its real, its happening! Information!

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    Euthanized cats and dogs and chems in pet food. Its real, its happening! Information! free information where as petsumer does charge for their book of information. These are based on the knowledge of the pets in the petfood and they are aware of the menu items often bought or made in china and the deaths of the animals from those foods. So this is a free site that tells us the safest food for our precious companions. It could save their life.
    Dogs and cats are dying of cancer, and other illnesses caused from the chemicals, from rendered euthanized pets and other sick or diseased animals Pentobarbitol is what is used to euthanize sick and unwanted pets often. It takes pentobaribitol about ten years to break down and is why you cannot bury a euthanized pet, horse etc. . ( if a bird or animal digs it up , it will kill them). It isnt removed in the COOKING PROCESS OF THESE PETS. So, its being put in our pets food!! Not to mention that people need to see unwanted pets and where they end up. Also along with raod kill, like skunks , possum infested with maggots.If people got there pets spayed an neutered , these sickos couldnt use these poor animals to sneak into pet food. Please please tell people!! Our dog ate eukanuba for years and got a very aggresive form of cancer and it came back after getting the first cancer removed within three mos, and she had to be put down. Eukanuba , science diet, and iams and any junk food below that has tested for pentobarbitol. They also put rancid restraunt grease in the food as well. Peoples pets are getting sick from this toxic waste being fed to them. Iams also has a lab where they do brutal tesing on beagles and I did see the video to back that up and have alot of thsi info accessable on my fb page, as well as dog food lists that dont have euthanized pets in them. Have to watch for bone meal , animal fat, animal proteins, meat, animal meal. These are the main words used as the ingredients of the foods that use the euthanized pets. I did see a sight that said that 400 tons of euthanized pets are rendered to be used in petfood, even irish spring soap. People need to study this and what is exactly in their pets food, and look at critics pages that talk about these pet processing plants and the " pet food" that they sell. And they did this under our noses! There are websites on how to make your own dog kibble, wet food, and treats, easily accessible.

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    Re: Euthanized cats and dogs and chems in pet food. Its real, its happening! Informat

    Gross, that's why knowing what you're putting in your animals is so important. Always good to research pet foods before you feed it.
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