Yesterday night Rick and I went down to Myers Road which is southeast of Fountain to try to find triops. Rick has seen them in the area before, and with all the rain we've been getting he thought they might be out and about. Well, we ended up not finding the triops, but we found a lot of other great wildlife including tons of toads (probably some species of Bufo), a velvet ant, a prairie rattlesnake, a huge centipede (not pictured), and more beetles than I think I've ever before seen in my life. We also saw deer mice, actual (mule) deer, pronghorn antelope, jack rabbits, cottontails and a lot of birds of prey that we couldn't identify. On the way back to town we spotted another snake on the road but by the time we turned around it slithered off into the nearby field. We think that was a bull snake (long, thin, dark and light pattern, and quick).

Here are some photos, with video to come later:

Rick is old school and uses road maps. :

On our first stop we found this velvet ant...:

...and this gigantic beetle. Name the species!:

A bit of road herping uncovered this rattler:

Rick moved her off the road so she wouldn't get flattened:

When we stopped to look for triops we realized the ground was moving. It was covered in tiny, little toads!:

This was a possible triops spot:

And a gorgeous sunset:

More photos can be found on the club's official Flickr.