Just saying hi to those that gander at these posts here. I'm actually working out a deal with Bell on a couple of her tarantulas in like .. 4 hours? I hate giving off that craigslist killer vibe so I figured I should post a bit more in here and my name is the same on AB and reddit as well as many other things. I got started in this Tarantula hobby by accident. Rescued a female or immature male (will know next year I'm sure) from certain death from co-workers and took it home so it "didn't come right back". The wife was less than amused at first. Then I ordered an Avic. Versi and GBB sling and she loves those 2. Now I'm up to those 3, 2 OBT slings, a 3.5" OBT female, a 2 1/2 " H. Gigas female, H. mac sling, 3" B. Albo female, a 1 1/2" B. Smithi, a 2 1/2" P. Irminia female, a 5"+ A. genic female who never stops eating, and lastly a H. Lividum sling. After tomorrow I'll be adding a P. Pedersini. and L. parahybana. Now that I look back at that list to make sure everything is there I feel like I have a problem. Oh well, looking forward to keeping an eye out here and seeing how it goes/grows. I also have a dubia colony of about 10000+ currently and if I can find the proper homes for a couple of my beardies I may have to many soon if anyone still orders feeders you might want to hit me up for some roaches. Cheers!