So I know 2013 was kind of a lackluster year for the club. Brian and I have been super busy with other life stuff (Brian more so than myself! He's a new daddy!). In 2014 I'm hoping we can form a board of directors, and get an actual leadership structure created. That way club meetings, field trips, expos, etc... aren't dependent only upon me being able to plan them.

Once we establish what we want/need the board to do, I will post asking for applications/submissions for the positions. We'll be looking for a president, vice-president, possibly a treasurer, a secretary and maybe even something communications related. So, if you may possibly be interested in one of those positions, please keep checking back.

Of course I'm open to suggestions and will answer any questions you may have. Post here!

Oh, and once the BOD is created we can start the process of becoming a tax-exempt non-profit.