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Thread: New collector-Aurora

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    New collector-Aurora

    Hello all!

    Let me tell you a bit about myself.

    I'm 23 and I started collecting tarantulas just this year. I've raised praying mantises as pets for a long time, since I was child.
    In August 2012 an arsonist set fire to my apartment building in Aurora, and I was forced to jump from the 4th floor to the concrete to escape. I broke both my feet and my back (I was on the news twice!) My left foot was mangled, and I am now facing my 7th surgery.
    After such a traumatic injury and losing everything I own, I discovered the mantises were just too fragile. I had a teeny Indian Flower Mantis, and when it died I realized my heart couldn't take that again! So I did some research and discovered the lifespan of female tarantulas. Having always been fond of them, I reached out to Facebook and within a week had a 5 year old Chilean Rose, whom I named Sveta (svee-yeta).
    I now have 2 other spiderlings and 2 millipedes and get a lot of joy out of them.

    My boyfriend has a terrible phobia of spiders, and so I have to be really careful to respect both him and my pets. Despite his fear he works really hard to accommodate me. I was hospitalized in September, and without me asking he fed Sveta, and another juvenile Chilean Rose that I had at the time. Marriage material!

    Anyway, that is my story. I am excited to join this world and meet all of you! I may have seen some of you at Repticon this last weekend!


    PS I live in Aurora, CO and always looking for neighboring enthusiasts!

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    Re: New collector-Aurora

    Welcome, Alina! That's a crazy story! It's awesome you've found some comfort in tarantulas. Your boyfriend definitely sounds like a keeper.

    Things usually get quiet for the club in late fall/winter, but we'll be having meetings in Denver soon enough. I know we have other members in Aurora, for sure. We hope to see you at a meeting!

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