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Thread: Hi from England!

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    Hi from England!

    Hi everybody,

    I just wanted to introduce myself to everybody. My name is Daniel and I am a thirty two year old man from the north of England. I worked in the reptile industry last year and helping out at one of the company shows I bought my first pet, a Nandu Chromatus. Since then I have bought a Pterinoculus Murinus, Poecilotheria Ornata and my favourite (who doesn't come out of his burrow to show how beautiful he is) an Ephebopus Murinus.

    I also have a friend who is working out in Panama who thinks he may have discovered a new species, so I'm very jealous, haha.

    I would love to chat with anyone about their Ts' or anything else and maybe find out a bit more about Themilehighbugclub. I'm staying in Denver, Colorado over the summer so I'd love to find out a bit more about the Colorado wildlife also.

    Hope to hear from you all,


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    Re: Hi from England!

    Very cool, Daniel! Well, the MHBC is a community of Colorado-based arthropods keepers, though many of us keep herps, also. We like to get together for meetings and field trips. It's a fun way to connect with like-minded folks who aren't creeped out by spiders and snakes and what not.

    We'd love to have you at a field trip or club meeting over the summer, if you'd want to join us! We already have one field trip scheduled in Colorado Springs (about 45-60 minutes drive time south of Denver) towards the end of July. I'd like to schedule a few more excursions for the summer, though. There's a place we've been wanting to go to that's actually in Denver, too... a nice creek w/ a variety of wildlife. If we go even further south to the city of Pueblo we can probably show you some wild tarantulas and scorpions!

    We may also just have a club BBQ or something low-key, too.

    Reads like you have a nice tarantula collection started. Haha, you started out with some of the more difficult tarantulas to keep! E murinus is particularly hard for us Coloradans to have because it is super dry here, so keeping them at an acceptable humidity is challenging.

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    Re: Hi from England!

    Hey Daniel! keep checking out the forum for the events / field trips we'll do during summertime. should be fun, hope to meet you!

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