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Thread: HI ALL!

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    Wink HI ALL!

    HI everyone!
    new member from superior, Arvada area. i have been in the hobby for a few years now, and way addicted. i have recently trying to get into the breeding side of it. i tryed to breed my p. regalis. with no luck and am currently trying my g. rosea, no signs of her bein gravid yet, but only a few weeks in. Anyways as far as what i have:
    Mf.... h. lividum
    Mf.... g. rosea
    Mm... g. rosea
    Jf..... h. maculata
    Jf..... a. avicularia
    Jm.... b. smithi
    Jf..... p. subfusca
    Jm.... p. subfusca
    Sling. p. striata
    Sling. t. subcaeruleus
    pied- ball python
    corn snake
    pug - dog
    i well try to get some good pictures up but for now i am excited to learn from you all.

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    Re: HI ALL!

    welcome! glad to see you made it!

    be on the lookout, we might be doing a field trip soon...

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