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Pre-Kill Techniques
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Thread: Pre-Kill Techniques

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    Pre-Kill Techniques

    Been pondering about this for a while now. I recently got a few adult rats and want to start breeding for pinkies... what method is best for euthanizing pinkies? The guys at S+T 'bop' em on their head when they are older, but i dont know anyone who kills pikies before feeding, and i want to freeze them for later so i need a humane way to kill them before they hit the freezer. My idea right now is carbon dioxide, and is humane if done right but im just wondering if any of you guys have any other ideas.

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    Re: Pre-Kill Techniques

    I don't have anything that I feed mammals too, so take this however.... From what I've read CO2 is the most humane way, you just have to give them some extra time/a higher dose if they're pinkies. I think freezing is second. I guess they die w/in 10-20 seconds..? I read that flash freezing is how pinkies are killed by a lot of commercial breeders. Maybe turn your freezer to its coldest setting before putting them in?? But I've read a lot of people contend that "flicking," "bopping," etc... is most humane because it's instantaneous. It sounds like the most disturbing way for me.

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