Thought I'd drop in since I found my password in my email and tell everyone I'm still alive.

Ended up meeting someone, moving out of my parents and into my own place, and having to trim down the collection. I'm down to 1 monitor now- my nile monitor charmander. She's hitting around 5 foot now and is getting massive. My fiance decided she wanted a kitty so we ended up with a big Male russian blue named link, she's also got a robo dwarf hampster. Currently fostering a litter of unwanted kittens (I've had a bunch dumped on me this spring) and I work full time. Time is pretty stretched so it'll be entertaining once I get my reptiles up and going again. I'm fairly certain we'll be up at the expo on the 5th provided we've found homes for all the kittens in time, hopefully to come back with a bunch of different stuff.

Hope to see some of you there