I'll Make You Famous* - Bug Show Cohost Needed

I have been approached to possibly do a television show and need a good (or at least interesting) cohost. Unfortunately, at this time I can't go into many details about the show, but I can share a little bit. If the show does go forward it would involve travelling around the world and would definitely be bug-centric. As a cohost you must be comfortable with free handling various venomous invertebrates. As a consequence you might get bit, stung, or otherwise envenomated and you must be ok with this. Medical staff will be present and every effort will be made to guarantee our safety. I'll go first and i'll go biggest, but you have to go, too

Down to brass tacks. Right now the show is still in development. This means even if you are the lucky person to be selected we still might not actually make a pilot episode, much less actually make a full season of shows. This is just the way the business works. The way I think of things like this is that it is an interesting thing that happened to me and is a fun thing to talk about later in my life... if the show actually gets made and gets on the air, well, that is just a fantastic bonus. You don't need to be an expert or anything like that. I don't have a degree in entomology or anything, so you don't need one either. It certainly can't hurt, however

If you are interested, what do I need from you? Well, I need you to email me at [my username, all lowercase]@yahoo.com with a few things. First, if you are interested your subject MUST be BUGSHOW. Second, I need head shots and/or links to your youtube/other video server account so I can see what I might be working with. We are looking for a certain je ne sais quoi that must come through on still and moving pictures. Third, your email must also include at minimum answers to this brief questionaire:

0) Where did you find this post? Please include what forum/website you found this on, if you are applying after seeing it online.

1) How long have you been into bugs? Clarify interest versus keeping them as a hobby, if that applies.

2) Do you free handle or play with bugs? If so, what kind and have you ever been tagged?

3) What do you like about bugs?

4) What do you think you can bring to a bug oriented show?

If you want to include any more explanation or links to anything you think could make a difference please feel free... but also please try to keep it at least relatively brief.

RESTRICTIONS: Applicants must be 18 years old or older. Applicants must either be currently living in the USA or be able to travel to the USA and work here.

This initial round of application will last about three weeks. It might possibly be extended if the powers that be are not satisfied with the applications thus far. For now applications, or at the very least a statement of interest, need to be in my email inbox no later than April 7, 2012.

Well, thanks for reading my little spiel and I hope to hear back from a lot of interesting people. Any questions can be posted or emailed to me. If you are selected for the next round either I or one of my contacts at the production company will be contacting you via the email address you use to submit your "application" to me. Good luck and bugs bless

Moderators: If you feel like i have cross posted too much or this post is just not a good fit for your forum feel free to do what you must. I can't guarantee it, but i do suspect that if the show gets made into a series we would, at some point, mention where we found our cohost from

*Not to be construed as an actual guarantee of fame, safety, or anything.