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Thread: Can egg shells be used to give crickets calcium?

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    Can egg shells be used to give crickets calcium?

    My son and I are starting a cricket farm to feed all of his pets and he found out that they should have calcium powder. I keep egg shells for my garden and am wondering if those would be ok to feed the crickets? Would they get the calcium they need from them?

    Thanks in advance!

    Bryce and Brandon

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    Re: Can egg shells be used to give crickets calcium?

    If he's only feeding his inverts (tarantulas, beetles, etc...) the crickets don't need calcium.

    Crickets and calcium, when the crickets are invert food, is a bit of a controversy. Theory with inverts is calcium can make their exoskeletons harder to shed, causing them to eventually die in molt. The most frequent question that arises is, "Why don't my crickets all die in molt, then?" Well, tarantula exoskeleton is so much thicker than cricket exoskeleton, that maybe their thickened/strengthened skin is all that much harder to shed?? I've seen people argue both ways, though (that it does or doesn't matter if a cricket eats extra calcium and the health of the tarantula that eats them).

    If he's going to be feeding reptiles, I imagine if you can grind the eggshells enough and mix w/ regular food the crickets will eat them; and that should be a decent source of calcium. I know monitor lizards eat whole eggs to get the calcium from the egg shells. If you're feeding crickets to reptiles, usually it is important that crickets are "gut loaded" with food/calcium.

    Fluker's Farm also make a product that is, like, a gel substance crickets can eat that will give them calcium. You can buy this at PetCo, Petsmart... maybe Scales n Tails..?

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    Re: Can egg shells be used to give crickets calcium?

    Side thought:
    Crickets stink, bad...and they can be a real pain to raise. depending on what you are trying to feed roaches may be a better idea for you. roaches have a better meat to shell ratio than crickets, they are easier to keep, and when done right they are much less stinky =-)
    a roach colonie might cost a bit more to get started but in the long run they are well worth it.

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    Re: Can egg shells be used to give crickets calcium?

    i'll second the question about 'what are they being used for?'

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