So...i fianlly got the thermostat in for Nagina's enclosure. I built her a 5ft long, 3 ft deep by 2ft high enclusre oout of melamine. I had measured everything more than twice to make sure it was going to fit in my closet. I even designed the doors to slide up so I would have more room instead of hinged doors. I sealed it, sanded, painted and patiently waited for my heat paneland thermostat. I put it all together downstairs and tested the heap panel and thermostat overnight to double check the radiant heat. The next day I moved everything to make room for the enclosure then dragged the behemoth upstairs. (while my wife laughed at how weak I am getting; I told her it was the melamine) I got is in place and stood back to gloat in my awesomeness.... Thats when I realised a designe flaw..The doors I had painstakingly designed don't have room to slide up due to the tarantula shelves... So either moves all the T's and tear out the shevlves or start over....After cussing and fussing I dragged it back downstairs gave up..... Did I mention my wife was laughing the whole time.....Too bad I can't fit her in the enclosure......j/k

Back to the drawing board