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12-02-2011 SNHS Meeting
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Thread: 12-02-2011 SNHS Meeting

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    12-02-2011 SNHS Meeting

    Here are a few pics I took at the Southern Nevada Herpetological Society meeting I attended a couple weeks ago.

    You can see they had a great member turn out:

    They had a lot of awesome prizes for their raffle:

    And this is Ken Foose calling out raffle numbers and Mark Romansky being all presidential and stuff:

    And speaking of the meeting, I went out there to give a talk about scorpions and tarantulas. The presentation went okay. I was very nervous, lol, so it was definitely apparent in my voice. But I think folks still learned something. I had a lot of great questions asked at the end of the pres and after the presentation was over!

    I want to give my presentation to the club at some point in the near future. I think the SNHS was able to record but I think it would be better to do it "live" so you guys can ask me questions as I go (also, some of the video embedded in the pres couldn't play). I learned a lot in writing the content for the presentation so you may learn something from me!

    ....oh and I have to upload the PowerPoint presentation. I'll post that when I can.

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    Re: 12-02-2011 SNHS Meeting

    Congrats!I can't wait to hear it

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