This WAS a beautiful H mac at the south Scales and Tails store one of many dead tarantulas I have encountered there. I spotted it and Cindy told the owner, "You have a dead spider over here". Time and time again I have seen tarantulas there that are grossly overpriced and they just sit awaiting a horrible death of not being taken care of. Every time I go in there it's the same story another empty cage but they insist that someone bought it. Currently they have an Poecilotheria regalis there who is marked "proven" 249.99 and she has been sitting there in the same cage same spot for months and her enclosure is bone dry. This last time we went she was looking pretty bad. There is a Grammastola pulchra under the counter that is no more than 3" inches that they are asking 249.00 for this sadly will meet the same fate as the rest because of the gross overpricing. The ball pythons in this store look just sick...skinny dry shed and dirty cages. They have several different morphs thrown in together and they all look bad. This store needs to shape up I refuse to spend another dollar there until things change.

Scales and Tails north

This store is hit and miss and hard to do a review on because there are employees there that are just awesome in my opinion "Andy and Rich are my favorite both of these guys are really good to me.

Now the bad news, If you are going to carry tarantulas please take care of them. They need water to survive many of them do not even have a water dish nor have they been sprayed in ages. I love your new shiny display cases for your snakes but what I don't like is how you just kicked the tarantulas off the top shelf and stacked them on the side so they can be further neglected. None of these spiders have water you stated with about 8 or 9 curly hair slings and now you have like four left three of which were dead today with dry dry bedding in the cup. If you do not care about them please give them away to someone who will take care of them.

There is no reason that these tarantulas should suffer like this. Scales N Tails please do not take this as me bashing you but instead please take this as a plea to shape up. I love going into your store but I can not continue to support you if you mistreat your animals.

The West

Well to start off the West store has just about one of the WORST mite problems that I have EVER seen in a store. Animals that are brought in do not go through a quarantine and I have first hand seen sick animals being sold. You have things in the store not labeled correctly and your prices are also hit and miss some good some bad. Customer service at the store has been a solid improvement from what it was at first. I must say that your tarantulas are very well taken care of and I have been impressed with that thus far. The young man you have working there Mike is an asset to your store and you should hang on to that guy maybe give him a nice raise because I have no doubt that the reason your tarantula collection thrives the way it does is because of him. The store overall is clean however you need to deal with those mites and start to quarantine your animals when they come in.