On Saturday we met up with a couple members of the Pike Peaks Herp Society to go hiking and herping in Vogel Canyon. It was very hot so a lot of life was hiding out but we did find some fun stuff. That night we went road herping but, again, it was so late by the time the road started cooling off that we didn't really find anything (but a rattler!). After that we did some scorpion hunting.

The following are some pics I took; you can see the whole set here. I didn't take as many as I was anticipating because I made myself sick (minimal food, no water and hiking in 100+ temps isn't a smart idea). You can also check out a bunch of pics Jess from the PPHS took by visiting their FB page here.

Group shot:

Gorgeous day in Vogel. Here's Mike sizing up a pond:

Back at camp, a couple Cicadas decided to molt on Mike and Lovie's tent:

The Prairie Rattler we found while road herping:

Originally I thought all the scorpions we found were C vittatus but based on Mike's recent thread stating one was a Paruroctonus I'm wondering if this isn't a blacklight picture of it... It just doesn't look like a Centruroides (even for a female) to me :