So I attended my church's festiville this weekend. They had bingo going in one of the rooms... just with slide cards real basic.

Anyway I'm sitting their playing (luckly it was the "letter X" and so you have less area to check for numbers) and I see something moving... so I look further down and there is a plump little yellow spider jauntaly walking along the edge of the table. well I figured what it's (or her as it had an ab the size of a pea and didn't look like a crab spider) fate would be if I left it to wonder over to the other players....

So after trying to get someone to help me with a container - I just coxed it into my hat. But it wouldn't stay so I was sitting there juggling the hat with one hand... turning it to make sure I knew where it was - and playing bingo with the other hand.

After the game I took a quick break to take it outside and put it in some thick bushes (as there were people everywhere else). On it's own now.