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Thread: 3am = crazy T time

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    3am = crazy T time

    So 3am this morning I went to check the T's and .......
    Brutus (8inch Goliath) was doing some wierd form of yoga...(I did manage to get a pic)
    The following T's molted
    Moonpie (avic avic)
    Cleopatra (P. Rufilita)
    Shaft (H. Gigas)
    Rudy (Cobalt Blue)

    No more coffee for the T's in the
    Back to work

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    Re: 3am = crazy T time

    Have you tried expresso?
    I'm very glad I don't ever have to buy shoes for my pets.
    They got too many legs...

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    Re: 3am = crazy T time

    Was it a full moon? O.o
    *Fear is ignorance*
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