This can be right click copied & pasted onto wordpad & then printed to be placed in pet stores or handed out to people looking adopt a centipede or millipede:

All centipede species are quicker and more defensive than you think. They can eat almost all of the time and can get out of most any hole
Special care must be taken to house them. I only use sliding screen lidded enclosures for mine
Deep peat moss substrate will do for most species. With things to climb on and under
No centipede species can be housed together
A bottle cap for water

Most millipede species need to be kept in an enclosure with 1-2 inches of wet peat moss at all times
Pieces of rotten hardwood like oak to hide under and any kind of leaves changing them out weekly with new ones for food
No bottle cap of water needed
Do not house different species together
Please research what species you are looking into getting, they all require different things to keep them healthy.