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Thread: Scorpion general care sheet & facts

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    Scorpion general care sheet & facts

    This can be right click copied & pasted onto wordpad & then printed to be placed in pet stores or handed out to people looking adopt a scorpion:

    Scorpions can be housed in enclosures larger than tarantulas, most will use the space. A lid that locks into place with no escape holes is a must for any species.
    Arboreal species will require a piece of bark or tree branch placed at an angle in the enclosure so they can molt. They will not molt if they cant hang upsidedown.
    Substrate can be peat moss and sand mixed together
    A small bottle cap for water
    Feeding should be weekly
    For terrestrial species:
    lots of substrate such as peat moss to dig in or hides such as for small snakes
    bottle cap for water
    Feeding should be weekly
    Not all species require humidity so you will need to research what each species needs.
    The most commonly seen pet trade species are the H. spinifer & H. arizonensis. Only 20 or so species in the world are medically significant, meaning they are a little more than a bee sting. Very few are "deadly". Some genus's are only for very, very knowledgable people such as tytius and parabuthus species
    Scorpion facts
    LD50 (lethal dose 50) is the quantity of venom (milligram) required to kill 50% of the animals in a controlled test. It is a standard measure of potency of toxins.
    Taipan snake .025 Death Stalker scorpion .25 South Africa
    Fat tail scorpion .32 North Africa King Cobra .35
    Black Widow spider .90 Lionfish 1.1
    Bark Scorpion 1.12 USA ***** Wasp 2.5
    Western Diamondback 4.2 Honeybee 6.0
    Giant Hairy scorpion 198 Flat Rock scorpion 1800
    Pedipalps - pincer arm
    Metasoma - tail
    Chela - pincer
    Telson - stinger
    Scorpions have been around since 450 million years ago.
    Of the about 1200 identified species of scorpions, only 20-35 species are potentially dangerous. Out of these so called 'dangerous' scorpions, generally less than 2% of their stings are lethal on adults.
    Some can have up to 6 eyes in 2 different locations, on top & on the sides.
    Some species can crystalize their body tissues to resist freezing climates
    Parthenogenesis (breeding without a male present) is present only in 7 species
    Thin clawed scorpions use stinging as their main defense
    Thick clawed scorpions can use their claws to pinch or seal the entrance to their tunnel
    Some species can flick venom from their telson
    In the chela & telson there are up to 30% of metal such as manganese, zinc & iron
    Some species of scorpions can “hiss” by rubbing certain body parts together that have a special hair on them called stridulatory setae.

    Scorpion Latin name definitions
    australis (Greek), southern
    Buthus (Greek), bottom of the sea (?)
    Centruroides (Greek), center, sharp point, spiny
    exilicauda (Latin), thin + tail
    gracilis (Latin), thin, unadorned
    Isometrus (Greek), single, uniform + measure
    Leiurus (Greek), smooth(?) + tail
    quinquestriatus (Latin), five + striated
    Anuroctonus (Greek), without tail + comb
    Hadrurus (Greek), thick, bulky + tail
    pallidus (Latin), pale, yellowish
    spadix (Latin, Greek), pull, tear
    Heterometrus (Greek), other, unlike + measure
    longimanus (Latin), broad, long + hand
    Pandinus (Latin), curved
    cavimanus (Latin), cavity, hollow place + hand
    imperator (Latin), emperor
    maurus (Latin from Berber), Moor, Moorish (dark?)
    Paruroctonus (Latin + Greek), adorned + comb
    boreus (Latin), northern
    mesaensis (Spanish from Latin), mesa (= from the mesa)
    Vaejovis (Latin), very + jovial (after Jove, Jupiter?)
    confusus (Latin), mixed
    spinigerus (Latin), spiny
    Uroctonus (Greek), tail + comb (Latin uro means "burn," "inflame")
    mordax (Latin), sharp, stinging

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    Re: Scorpion general care sheet & facts

    This should be sticky-ed!
    I'm very glad I don't ever have to buy shoes for my pets.
    They got too many legs...

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    Re: Scorpion general care sheet & facts

    Yup yup! I'm getting around to stickying these for Kim and making them into printouts.

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