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Thread: Mile High Bug Club General Contest Rules

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    Mile High Bug Club General Contest Rules

    • Contest is only open to registered forum users.
    • You must have at least five (5) posts on these forums prior to entering into the contest.
    • If you are providing a prize for the contest you are not eligible to enter into the contest.
    • To be eligible for the prizes you DO NOT have to live in the Rocky Mountain region but you DO have to live in the US.
    • One post per person and you can not edit your post.
    • Unless otherwise noted, the first correct post will be the winning post.
    • Unless otherwise noted, answers need to be posted in the contest's thread. Answers posted anywhere else (including through email or PM) will be ineligible.
    • If the contest requires guessing the name of an animal only correctly spelled scientific names will be acceptable answers. Do not abbreviate the scientific name.
    • If the contest is a raffle you can earn extra entries for referring new club members here. You will only earn the extra entry if they register and post at least once.
    • Contest winners will be ineligible to enter another contest for 30 days.

    These are just general rules that you can anticipate for every contest. These rules may change at any time. Please refer to the posted contest for exact rules of that contest.
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