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New Monitor... Oh man!
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Thread: New Monitor... Oh man!

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    New Monitor... Oh man!

    I don't support valley pets much, a lot of their cages are dirty/sub par, however, a couple people there are decent folks. The guy who owns the store is set in his ways and won't change, so those under him try to make things work. I feel awful for the black throat in there named monster, tiny cage no heat very little water.. It's awful. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for a mangrove monitor ever since last reptile expo when I met someone who had been working with a pair of them trying to get hatchlings. Well, that hasn't happened yet, however I found this one jammed in some 2x2 cage down at valley pets. It's the one perfect animal in the store (besides mine) and was gorgeous.

    I must say, these guys where terrified of him. All the workers/volunteers at the store where offering loves to grab him the whole 9 yards. Funny part is, he's not even remotely mean or vicious. I grab him and he doesn't bite, he's more than willing to come in and out of his new enclosure.. I really have no idea why they where so scared. Anyway, here's a nice picture of me after a long stressful day looking like a goomba with my new pet. He's about 3 foot long and doing awesome.

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    Re: New Monitor... Oh man!

    Congrats! Really nice looking monitor.

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