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Thread: So, thoughts?

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    So, thoughts?

    So, a friend of mine came to me the other day after hearing I had baby ball pythons and of course wanted one instantly. Out of the 9 imports I received, one was an actual normal (rest pastels/genetic stripe/heavy granite etc), so I told him I'd sell for $40, half of what petsmart sells for but again, it's a normal I'm not going to charge hardcore for a normal. He instead traded me $35 and a baby savannah which he didn't feel he could care for. This is fine I have no problem with it, I'm great with monitors and they aren't for everyone, I'm glad he admitted he couldn't handle it and passed it to me. So I get the task of rehoming the fellow properly.

    So this morning I'm flooded with texts about him, he's a hatchling and he's cute I expected this. I begin quizzing the holy hell out of everyone texting me to find out literally none of them understand monitor husbandry. Some are close, some have big cages, but temps/humidity/basking surface/growth rate are all completely off. At what point do you tell people to go educate themselves more and they aren't ready? What point can you say these guys have some idea what they are doing, have some experience, but just need a step in the right direction and proper information?

    The first couple that contacted me got nearly everything wrong, but I can tell they are actually willing to learn/look out for this animal, personally I feel if they are willing to learn and work with them they should be given a proper chance, at least this way they may learn rather than just going to the pet store and buying one anyway.


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    Re: So, thoughts?

    I would say if they truly seem willing to learn they deserve a chance. Pass it on w/ a caresheet (so they can refer to it when need be) and let them know you can always take it back if it becomes too much or they can always go to you for help/advice. If people start arguing with you about its care then they are prolly hopeless because they are already set on one way to take care of it.

    Everyone starts at square one and you don't usually get the experience until you actually have the animal, unfortunately.

    It helps if the potential owners have other reptiles or experience with other reptiles. Not saying monitor care is the same as, like, a bearded dragon but they may at least have experience through that animal with, like, basking surfaces, temps, etc...

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    Re: So, thoughts?

    What are you selling it for? They have babies at Scales N Tails right now for 19.99

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    Re: So, thoughts?

    When i was adopting out the savannah i had it took me a long time to find a home for him because of the same issues you're coming across people who were ignorant and unwilling to learn about them didn't get the option to adopt i ended up adopting him out to someone who had always wanted one had most of the info right but was still willing to learn about them and had experience with larger lizards with that being the case i still have their contact info they still have mine is still get questions about him occasionally but he went to a good home i say go with you're gut rehoming monitors where they'll get the proper care they need is a difficult task but if people are willing to learn about them and take directions then they're probably a good adoption option because they're looking for the answers instead of trying to act like they already know them and end up damaging the animal in the long run

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