So as many of you know i've been rescuing reptiles and inverts for a while now, well i decided to give it a name and make it more official also when i finish school i'll be applying for a 501c3 rescue license. Until then i am a private non licensed sanctuary working to help unwanted reptiles and inverts find a happy and healthy forever home either in our personal collection as our pets or via a adoption contract which states if the person ever mistreats their animal i have the right to take it back or if they ever rehome it they must offer it back to me first. All animals are rehomed with care sheets either written by myself or ones that i've found to have sound advice on the internet they are sent to new homes with as much info as i can gather on them and their histories and are quarantined until they are proven healthy before being allowed to be adopted out. We're just starting out but our heart is in the right place and we just want to help the animals.

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and our website which is still a work in progress is