With Arachnoboards going down for April Fool's the other day, it got me thinking about what other exotic pet forums there are out there. I thought it would be good to post lists and/or reviews of online forums so club members can know where else they can go to get information on their pets.... you know, that's not here.

I'll start with some of the ones I'm a member of... just remember, these are certainly my opinion only so take them for what they're worth. And feel free to add your own reviews of these or any other forum you go to....

http://arachnoboards.com - Love them or hate them, MHBC would not exist if not for AB. Back in the day that's where Brian, Isaac, Kevin and I found each other. I used to post quite a bit but eventually got tired of people's attitudes on the site. Like, yeah, it's pretty annoying when a newbie posts something like, "Is it okay to put a cotton ball in my tarantula's water dish," when it's been answered a million times; but responding with a snide remark or, simply, search results is even more irritating. Really, you want to turn away new hobbyists from your site? For the health of the animals, you know, be nice! Haha.... I still go to the site for information, don't get me wrong; but I'll never be an active poster again. AB rocks because of the variety of animals it covers and for its awesome classifieds. It's the #1 site I would recommend to someone getting into the invert hobby.

http://venomlist.com - When I moved away from AB I went to VL. I've met one of the owners of VL and he's one of the best people ever. Problem with the site, now, is it's D-E-A-D.

http://arachnophiles.myfreeforum.org/ - Yeah, it's kinda hard on the eyes. This site, if I remember correctly, is the result of AB members being upset with AB. While I am a member here I don't really post. It seems like a good community and seems really active. If AB ever goes away (it won't) I recommend this site above all others. A lot of the "good" forums are hidden to guests so make sure you register so you can have access to all the information the site has available.

http://www.atshq.org/boards/ - These forums always struck me as the place you want to go for science. I mean, if you want to learn some FACTS about tarantulas, this is the place to spend your time. Not that anything is wrong with first hand experience and advice or that other sites lack facts. It just seems there are some people who post here that are very science-minded and do a lot of research and tend to spend their time here vs other forums.

http://tarantulas.us/forums/ - I signed up years ago and every month, it seems, for years I've been getting spam emails from the forum asking me to "come back." Like, I can't figure out how to turn it off, it's unwanted email with no unsubscribe link, therefore it's spam. And I don't want to delete my account because some day I may want to post about our club there. Anyway, minor annoyance... This site has a lot of rules and it seems the members are VERY opinionated. "Don't go to [this] site! Don't trust [this] information! Flag [this] YouTube video! COME ON EVERYONE AGREE WITH ME!" And the "Handling tarantulas is not advised or endorsed by this forum. A few tarantula Genus and species my have very potent venom, Please use caution when dealing with these species," in many of the member's signatures makes me giggle. I really don't think I'd fit in there at all. It's not to say that, you know, the site has no value... just, why go there when you can find slightly less grating people at AB? EDIT: I guess the site got wiped and they had to start over. :( Here's the newest incarnation of tarantulas.us: http://www.tarantulasus.com/forum.php

http://www.arachnofreaks.com/forum/default.asp - All I can really do is list this one. I have a membership here but for the life of me can't remember anything about that site. Based on the dates of the last posts I think this one is D-E-A-D, also.

http://scorpionforum.darkbb.com/ - This site used to be better in the past. Dedicated 100% to scorpions it was *the* place to go for advice... but the person who started it, last I knew, is no longer involved in it.

http://www.pangeareptile.com/forums/index.php - Great site for crested gecko info. I used to go here to read about leopard geckos, too.

http://blattodea.net/ - Pretty good forum to learn about both feeder and pet cockroaches.

And then there's also, like, http://insectgeeks.com and http://reptilegeeks.com - I've found some good info and good people on those sites. It's a great site for networking, although the IG site has been slowing down in the past years.

I know I'm forgetting some.............. I've never really been to any other reptile forums so hopefully you guys have some links!