I really hate to do this but after a lot of thought I've decided it's a needed thing that has to be done. I met Larry and Vickie through craiglist in late November, they had a purple phase Guyana red tail boa and a black saddled Peruvian red tail boa in their ad, i really knew i couldn't afford the Peruvian but Christmas was coming up and my parents kept talking about how Guyana's were on their list of wanted reptiles so after speaking with him, we struck a deal i was to trade him my Burmese python and 50$ for his Guyana. After meeting with him and seeing all his animals he had we got to talking and my mom gave our phone number to him, our friendship started mostly with him calling me and asking for reptile and invert advice or if i knew where to buy such and such tarantula or reptile. things were fine at first when he found out i was buying some LP's from Kim and ken he asked me for their info and bought a LP from them and a P regalis sling (which will become important later on in my story) i loaned him money here and there and typically it took him around 2 months of pestering to pay me back so after the first couple times loaning him money i decided i wouldn't continue to do that.

Well as time went on it became apparent that Larry was a constant liar, first with certain things like working for the federal forestry office (i recently found out he hasn't worked for the forestry office in Colorado ever and hasn't for Michigan since 2008), then other things pretty consistently. Being a good friend whenever I'd rescue animals he'd want i would give them to him free of charge (to date he's been given a pastel bearded dragon, a tiger salamander, a large female iguana, a painted box turtle,and 60 dollars worth of dubia roaches that i was supposed to be paid for, a A seemani, a A hentzi and a B vagans (the latter three were original given to me by Erica) also some setups excluding exo terra brand and higher end tanks. which i regret doing and probably always will. The problems started slow at first his daughter bought a leopard gecko from S&T and it died within the week so i offered to seel him 2 of my morph leo's (i didn't have normals at the time) and a complete setup for them for his daughter for a total of 200 dollars that was supposed to be paid at the end of January. in the mean time we still hung out and stuff one day he brought over a Savannah monitor that he said was part of a raid on a abusive and neglectful home and that 6 morph boas were coming the following week it became evident rather quickly he was full of it, since his fiancee Vickie admitted that the owner himself had given the monitor to him so i dutifully found a home for the poor critter (who was in bad shape when i got him) and moved on well when my male Brazilian rainbow boa died (it was the second time from the same breeder it happened with) i had intended to just buy a replacement from the same guy but Larry asked me not to and randomly showed up one day with a male Brazilian rainbow boa and his Peruvian red tail boa giving me both i asked him how much he wanted and he said since i had given him so much he wanted to repay me so it was dropped. and moved on with well the end of January came and went and i was only given a sum of 20 dollars towards the end of the month he said since his daughter was having surgery he'd pay me in full on February he was also discussing buying several tarantulas from the Exotipet people and had asked me to contact them about a juvie redrump they had (which i had done in the beginnging of January) well as time pressed on they kept asking why he wasn't paying for or picking up his T so eventually i had to tell them i doubt Larry is as trustworthy as i had first thought in that time his P regalis had bitten him so he gave it to S&T for store credit his LP had died of what he claimed was escape and getting attacked by the cat but his fiancee claimed just randomly died one day (which i think was due to him "practicing" pinch holds on his T's after watching him handle them) the jacksons chameleons he'd bought from rick one of them died so he sold the other to his friend (i think he handled her too much and that stress was the cause of death in this scenario) and i was beginning to see the care he had with his animals but still i liked his kids and i wanted to try to make our friendship work since i don't have many friends so i just figured he'd pay me off i wouldn't give him anything else and wouldn't involve anymore money with him well February came and went without payment and finally and my moms confrontation i was given 40 dollars so i was still owed 140 well when he started talking about buying a truck and i was due to be payed at least part of it on April 3rd and then was later told they didn't know when they would pay me off i asked to just have my things back since they couldn't afford them it got kind of hostile from there with Vickie but today i finally managed to get my stuff back. also in december he was supposed to hook me up with cheap 20 dollar each morph cresties from a breeder friend that never actually existed and he kept stringing me along until the mid february before i finally asked his fiancee who told me he never contacted anyone about them. i still don't know what happened to the Burmese python and judging from when i was at his house last week most if not all of his animals probably wont live too long i honestly and truly wish i would have never gotten involved with him or recommended him to any of the club members i was naive and got burned for it this timeline isn't 100% accurate as far as most things (pretty much everything except the money owed to me is a little off) but i wanted to get all that i could think of out before it slipped my train of thought he also did some things involving work with my boyfriend where he wasn't paid and offering him a job at a friends company that apparently didn't exist but i didn't feel was needed in the animal conversation and didn't fit with a club review bottom line is don't trust him he lies about pretty much anything he can and he can lie pretty convincingly as well and he's not a good home for any animals. once again for all i managed to get into contact with him i am truly sorry i wish i could undo what i've done but i can't. you guys have become more of a freaky reptile/invert loving family for me than a lot of people in my life and i hope you know i never would have intentionally set anyone up with someone this unsavory. I am officially done with him and his fiancee (although they don't actually know that since i hate confrontation i figured I'd just stop talking to them and they'd get the picture) my mom isn't though because she believes god put them in our path to witness to them and i have done enough witnessing on behalf of the lord and cannot continue this friendship. just if you decide to deal with him please i urge you to use extreme caution.