Based on the 2011 birthday surveys I received the club will be going through some changes in regards to how meetings are planned and hosted. If you are interested in hosting a meeting please refer to the below information and complete your meeting planning as necessary.

First off, some general information on hosting a meeting:
- While we appreciate your willingness to bring club members together, hosting a meeting is not for everyone.
- If you desire to host a meeting you have to accept that ultimately it is your responsibility as to who comes and how the meeting goes.
- Please note that this is a club; therefore, meetings must be open to any and all members to attend.
- If you are uncomfortable with strangers or certain members coming to the place where you plan to host, please don't offer to host a meeting.
- If your hosting space can not accommodate a possible "large" amount of members (for us that has been around 15 adults), please don't offer to host a meeting.

If you've made it this far it's safe to say you can plan your meeting now.

Please include the following information when posting your meeting invite:
What Day?:
What Time?:
Where?: [GENERAL LOCATION ie, "Denver" "Pueblo"]
Who to contact for address?:
Are children allowed?:
Known allergens on site?: [Cigarette smoke, Cat, Dog, etc...]
Meeting Topic: [Please refer to the below list of suggested meeting topics]

Some often suggested meeting topics are invertebrate breeding, sexing and/or care. If you have a certain animal you work with often and would like to give us a detailed presentation about it, that would be fine. Or show us how to set up a realistic enclosure. We could also get together to watch "Herpers" or race cockroaches. Meeting topics are unlimited.