i didn't know if i should put this is local or online but since we met through online i figured i'd put it here. Basically the guy breeds carpet python's, dumerils boa's, and brazilian rainbow boa's. About a week after i got my male from him the male had seizures and died he offered to replace it for free we picked up the replacement, thinking it was me doing something wrong (which i highly doubt since i laser temp gun my tanks 2x a day raise my own feeders always give my reptiles filtered water and keep my tanks constantly clean) so i switched out with a new tank and bought a new heating pad just in case with the new one, well all of a sudden my new male dies and my friends male dies randomly same causes seizures and i know it wasn't me this time because he was in brand new everything got checked 2x a day and my friends male died suddenly as well from the same batch i don't know if it was parasites or genetics because none of the females have had issues but all of the males seem to now he wont exchange or refund either of our snakes and was being rude as can be about it. I wouldn't deal with him if i were you between me and my friend we're out 250 dollars for snakes that just up and died. the female is still doing well kept in the exact same conditions so we're hoping we wont have to replace her but i already have a male i'm going to pickup as a replacement for my male the guys email/phone number is: BOAMAX@aol.com 303 709-1138. And i would be very careful dealing with this guy if i were you something just seems very fishy about the way these snakes are dying.