okay so thanks to the awesomeness that is erica and kim i now have a decent amount of slings that i fed last night and i figured people might get a kick out of this story about my retardation. so i'm dumping food into each of their little containers having conversations with them as i do (yes i talk to my spiders i'm weird like that) and first when i go to feed my A henzti and didn't see it on the lid i open up the lid and it crawls onto the palm of my hand so i just give him a stern look and tell him to get into his house and eat his dinner or he's grounded so i put him back in with his roaches and he goes to town as soon as i put him back like a good boy so i'm watching as eat one of the little spiders eat and i'm making sound affects and going get it kill it to them like a retard cause i was super hyper last night and i wasn't expecting them to be so ravenous since mister fuzzy was such a lazy hunter and waits for his roaches to get stuck in his web so it was kinda amusing my dad was laughing at me and my mom turned a little green when i told her about how they were eating also on a sadder note my praying mantis died yesterday i put her in the freezer though for anyone who might want her for preserving or anything just didn't feel like making a whole topic for it anyways hope someone got a laugh about me being weird