well after two eggsacks and several months of me owning her my female praying mantis has decided to start dying on me she's no longer eating drinking and can't stand on her own anymore she just sits in her tank and doesn't move unless you stick your hand in her tank then she just weekly kicks at you with her front leg so i think this might be the end for her it's horrible to watch her die and she's been doing this for about a week now which is why i decided i'm not keeping her eggsacks cause mantids are just too short lived for my liking i'm actually trading the eggsacks for a B. smithi sling but thats besides the point i know a lot of people like preserving this sort of thing so if anyone wants her i can stick her in the freezer or something when she finally goes also idk how long i want to watch her die does anyone think i should euthanize her? i was thinking of maybe sticking her in the freezer so i don't have to watch her die slowly but i don't want to be cruel to her either because i've become very attached to her