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Thread: Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

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    Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

    Does anyone know where I might find a black light for scorpion hunting? I know I can find them on the net, but I'd rather pick one up at a store. And does anyone have recommendations for a specific type or strength of black light?

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    Re: Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

    I'm pretty sure Walmart has them. And Petsmart/Petco usually have them in the cleaning aisle, you can find pee spots with them too.

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    Re: Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

    Yes wallyworld for sure. If you get a special "scorpion hunting blacklight" i'm sure it'll be ten times more expensive than the same thing at walmart for 5-10 bucks or something.
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    Re: Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

    i never found them at walmart.

    i just ordered a big (100 led) light. love it much better than the 9 or so led ones you commonly find for cheap.

    and hey kim!! how's ken doing?!

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    Re: Black lights for Scorpion Hunting

    I hate to say it but a lot of the ones you would find locally prolly aren't as good as if you buy one online. My boyfriend's dad found an awesome one on eBay. Haha, heck, though, if you can find one locally lemme know! I need better ones.

    And Brian... Kim is actually on her way to see Ken right now (so she prolly won't be able to respond for a couple of days). I think he's graduating from basic or some such thing like that. He'll be back out to CO mid-December'ish.

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