We have a situation where we will have no where to live for two weeks, so I'm wondering if someone, or several people could possibly bug sit for us until we move into our new place, which won't be ready until the 15th.

We have about 20 containers of Ts and scorps.

We have an exoterra of 2 tokays, which I need to rehome anyway, so if someone wants them please let us know.

We have a 20 Gallon long with a Timor monitor in it, who also needs rehoming.

We have a 5 gallon tank with our daughter's african clawed frog.

We have a 10 gallon with some rescued leos, who we probably will end up needing to rehome as well.

I have an exoterra with a common boa, he's about 2-3 feet. Not holdable for sure, kind of grumpy.

I also have Roshii, our Nile monitor, who is about 3 feet. It would take a miracle for someone to watch him for us, as he's not a normal monitor and has a bipolar attitude. Not to mention a container for him is no fun. Right now he is in a 75 gallon aquarium, but we're trying to find him a very large rubbermaid or something. When i contact the reptile rescues, they suggest euthanizing him, so they can't help us. :( We are maybe looking for a new permanent home for him too, but he's had it rough, so he's not too fond of people and has a lot of scars.

We also have 2 cats, we're hoping we can keep our older declawed cat with us, but we do have a kitten, Chiyo, that we may need cat-sat.

If anyone can help please let us know asap, we would really appreciate it. We have to move on saturday, so time is running out. We were supposed to move into our new place saturday but were informed today that it won't be ready until the 15th.

At this point, as far as I'm concerned the animals we're rehoming are "free" I just want them to be taken care fo properly, and we're in over our heads. We care for our animals a lot, probably too much. We are parting with a lot of the tarantulas and our mesa scorps as well, but just haven't chosen who to keep yet, so if the sitters might want a bug or several at the end of "sitting" I'm sure that could be arranged.