I have a few extra snakes that aren't paired up, and because of the number of pairs I am working with, I just need to move some out. They are nice animals at a good price. I am not keeping the money for them, but donating it to the club to help pay for this site and its upkeep. If you are reading this, then you use and enjoy this site as well. It does cost money. Here is a list:
0.1 Snow Bullsnake, yearling-$75
1.0 High orange albino cornsnake, young-adult-$40
Kansas Glossy Snake-$10
Sonoran Gopher Snake-$25
2 Baby Leopard Geckos- $20 each
1.0 Burmese Python, 8', $100 without cage, $150 with cage
Except for the Burmese, 100% of money goes to the club. I will split the Burmese money 50% as it has cost me quite a bit. The bull and corn are priced at what I paid for them. This is for a good cause, so tell your friends.