so about two months, close to three, ago i purchased a pair of crested geckos from blueglassspider. at first i had a little trouble geting them to eat anything other then crickets but about a month ago i got them to consistantly eat some nutrious fruit with the complete powdered diet mixed in. well not more then two weeks after they started eating good the female started puttin on a lot of weight and looked all see were im going now i hope... well about three or four days ago i found my first pair of eggs! both lizzards had not been bred when i got them but this first lay looks really good. the eggs arent yellow or anything! I saw another breeding effort take place just the other night so i am expecting more eggs in the next month!!! needless to say my wife and i are giddy and we have started looking for another if not a few more females for our georgious male.
BTW if anyone has a breeding age female and is looking to sell her, or just maby do a breeding loan let me know!