I know vet prices can vary by vet, year, procedure, etc... but I thought it might be helpful for some to see what vet prices have been paid for what services........ so someone could maybe use this to gauge what vet care for their herp will be.

This first example is from 11/11/08 when I took my leopard gecko, Tarantula, to the vet to help me diagnose why she wasn't eating. Turned out it was a tumor. The vet I go to is the Dublin Animal Hospital here in the Springs:

"Office Call"- $42.50
X-ray- $75.00
"Homeward Bound P/U Exotic" - $9.00
"Euthanasia Exotic" - $20.00

So the overall trip for an office visit, x-ray and euthanasia of a gecko was $146.50.

Once I get the invoice from my Tokay I'll post that, too. If you guys have any examples please feel free to post.