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Thread: Need a LARGE/JUMBO frozen rat?

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    Need a LARGE/JUMBO frozen rat?

    Hi. last rocky mtn reptile show (oh my was that nov?) I bought what was supposed to be a 10 pack of medium frozen rats from Willards.

    Well one rat was much larger then the others. I have that one rat left - I think it's too big for baby the ball phython and I don't know what to do with it.

    It may not even thaw out right. the last one he ate ... well he ate only half. (ick) And the one before that he didn't eat - I left it overnight in his cage and it's belly had ruptured by morning. (note I had done this with mice and rats before without any problems)

    So no gurentees - but if you feed large rats to something and would like an extra one free... please let me know and I'll bring it to the meeting.

    I'd hate to toss it.. but I've tossed a few before without problems (I just feel weird putting them in the dumbster and don't know if your really supposed to )

    If you can't take it but know of a better way to despose of it, please let me know.

    - Sharon

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    Re: Need a LARGE/JUMBO frozen rat?

    Hahaha, frozen rat gut ruptured? That just sounds nasty, man. You snake people.... lol, j/k.

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