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MHBC Monthly Newsletters
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Thread: MHBC Monthly Newsletters

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    MHBC Monthly Newsletters

    In order to keep everyone informed on club events we started sending out a monthly newsletter in September. In those newsletters you can read about both past and future club activities. All previous activities have links in the newsletters to take you to the thread on our forums with pictures, videos and stories about what happened. Also we have been providing some information and links to our Mile High Bug Club member spotlights. The member spotlights are a great way to get to know club members.

    If you do not receive the newsletters and registered prior to September 2009 you probably marked the "Administrators can e-mail me information" option as "no" when you registered.

    As of September the following notice has been provided on the registration form:
    Please note that by becoming a member of the Mile High Bug Club and registering for the Mile High Bug Club forum the email address used to register your account will be added to the club's monthly newsletter mailing list. The monthly newsletter is used to keep members updated on club events and will also provide member spotlights. If after registering you would like to have your email address removed from this list please contact the site admin, Bell. Thanks!
    I still go in and check new members' preferences to see if they marked the "Administrators can e-mail me information" option as "no" but I may accidentally miss someone.

    I wanted everyone to know that updating the newsletter mailing list is a very manual process. If you now go into your profile and change the "Administrators can e-mail me information" option that will probably be missed when updating the newsletter mailing list.

    If you do want to receive the newsletters simply press the unsubscribe link in the newsletter email or contact me directly. This is how the unsubscribe link looks in both text and html format:

    If you do not receive the emails and would like to receive them let me know and I can have you added to the newsletter mailing list.

    Also if you need to update your email address for our mailing list let me know. If you change it on your profile with the forum it will probably be missed when updating the newsletter mailing list every month.

    Please don't mark the newsletters as spam or junk. If you would no longer like to receive them simply unsubscribe with the newsletter's unsubscribe link at the lower left hand corner of the newsletter. Those of you receiving the newsletters marked "yes" for the "Administrators can e-mail me information" option or registered after September and didn't inform me you would like to not receive the emails. You agreed to receive those emails so they are not spam. When you mark them as spam a complaint is sent to your ISP, who in turn sends the newsletter provider a warning. If enough complaints are made ISPs begin blocking the newsletter emails and then the people who actually want to receive the newsletters won't get them anymore.

    I just wanted to give everyone the low down on the newsletters. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for content in the newsletters.

    Don't forget to add
    to your safe sender's list!

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    Re: MHBC Monthly Newsletters

    Thanks for sending me the letter and forall your hard work and effort.

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