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Thread: Beware of dog food carcinogens.

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    Beware of dog food carcinogens.

    As some of you know I just had to put my dog Cerberus down after a failed battle with cancer (part of why Iíve been a little cranky lately). It got me thinking about how many dogs I see die from cancer and I started reading to educate myself in an effort to minimize the cancer risk with my other dogs.
    I learned a lot about how cancer works and the root causes of most cancer. Cancer forms when damage is done to a cells DNA structure. Most of the time the body can repair this damaged DNA, however, sometimes the body is unable to repair DNA. When this DNA can not be repaired it causes uncontrolled cellular growth we all know as cancer. When these cells spread and metastasize to other areas the danger is compounded. Pure breed dogs without diversity in their gene pool are especially at risk.
    I read the main cause of damaged DNA is carcinogens. Carcinogens? dogs donít smoke. After doing more research I discovered that some dog foods have very high levels of carcinogens. Iíve always fed my dog Purina dog food and as fate may have it is one of the brands with the highest levels of toxins. This brings me to my point of writing this thread. Iíve asked around and my wife and I did a lot of reading to find an all natural dog food without carcinogens. Like you Iím not made of money and $55 a bag is out of my budget and most of these all natural foods are in this range. What I found was Rachel Rayís dog food. Its all natural, carcinogen free and about $15 a small bag and $30 a big bag at Walmart. I just wanted to make sure that animal lovers are aware of the below par dog food out there. These companies have no interest in your animals health beyond a bad reputation effecting their bottom line. If you are using brands like Science Diet, Purina or Dog Chow consider using an all natural alternative. If in writing this I save one person the heart ache I went through in putting my best friend to sleep at a young age I can feel vindicated.


    List of ingredients to avoid ... ngredients

    Racheal Ray's site

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    Re: Beware of dog food carcinogens.

    Wow, thanks for the info Mike. That's so sad about Cerberus. He was an awesome dog. Haha, any dog big enough to ride is a great dog, in my book. I was hoping he'd be able to pull through.

    I just want to add that the same thing goes for cat food. There is a lot of bad stuff in cat food, especially in the dry food.

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