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Thread: Mandi Pants Wish List...

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    Mandi Pants Wish List...

    Dasymutilla gloriosa "thistledown velvet ant" (female obviously, can't have it flying away)
    Poecilotheria metallica (like that's a surprise)
    C. cyaneopubescens
    T. apophysis
    Hymenopus coronatus (orchid mantis)
    Greyhound (race rescue)
    and I'd love to have a couple ferrets...

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    Re: Mandi Pants Wish List...

    i know someone who is looking to get rid of a nice white ferret. not an albino, but a rarer all-white coated one. nice little fella too. just hit me up if you are ever interested or want to get a price...

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    Re: Mandi Pants Wish List...

    Quote Originally Posted by mandipants
    Greyhound (race rescue)
    I used to work at a race track running those poor things - it was not pleasant. I've worked in power plants tearing scaffolding out of the towers after blasting and cleaning and still think that running those dogs was the roughest jobs - my second season as a licensed "groom" I went to a training day and couldn't walk for a week; even the military doesn't make soldiers run for 8hrs straight (I'm pretty hardcore and have an amazing endurance, that was a breaking point).
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