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Thread: Isopods

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    I hear a lot of people keep isopods in with their tarantulas to help eat the organic matter and prevent mold buildup.

    Does anyone here do that? Where would u get some isopods? Wouldn't the T eat them?
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    Re: Isopods

    Isopods are commonly called pill bugs or woodlice. We have pill bugs in CO... the grey rollie pollie things one can find under rocks or in garden soil, etc... Some people buy different isopods, though, typically orange isopods (Porcellio scaber "Spanish orange isopods"), as when isopods are wild caught they may have been exposed to pesticides so it's usually safer to buy than catch.

    A lot of people use isopods in all different invert enclosures. I used to have the orange isopods in with my H gigas and P imperator. The enclosures just have to be humid enough for the isopods to live as they're semi-aquatic inverts. I got my isopods from a member (who is no longer active) but it may be worth it to post a WTB thread and see if any members have any to share. Or if you're sure the isopods around your home haven't been sprayed you can go out and catch some to use. I actually tried breeding the local grey ones w/ the orange ones because they can have wicked color morph offspring... but I lost interest in that project and no longer have any isopods at all.

    They're typically too small for adult tarantulas to eat... except I saw some HUGE ones in Ramah yesterday when we were flipping rocks. Slings may pay them some mind, though.

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