This petco seemed a lot nicer than most (the one on academy smells horrid) but that may be because it's fairly new.

I went to check out their Ts out of curiosity since I'm applying for a job there (*dies*) and my sister works there. They had a pink toe and a rosehair. The Pink toe was on the side of the tank, which was 90 degrees! Same with the rosehair. The rosehair's substrate was soaked and it was standing on this tiny dry patch. When I asked someone about it, trying to hint at the temperature and the substrate, I got kind of a dirty look and was told that they were trained to care for them and that's what they were told to do, "don't worry" talking, etc.. The pink toe was $30, same with the rosehair, they were both maybe 3 inches, barely. The cages were clean though and the animals looked healthy.

All their other animals were healthy, and their product line was good, carrying everything I was looking for, and more. They had good prices.

I was trying to find a 5 gallon aquarium and found one, but it only came as a fish type of package enclosure thingy. Couldn't' buy it separately. Lame.

All in all, for a pet retail chain, not bad. Their animals were a lot healthier than most places, the enclosures and habitats were accurate and well maintained. The prices were good, except for pet prices. A little much for those small common Ts me thinks.