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Thread: Kumo Ranch

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    Kumo Ranch


    ...and I'm not biased just because they're club members.

    Ken and Kim run Kumo Ranch. I have yet to purchase from them but have sold tarantulas to Ken in the past. They both are very knowledgeable about their bugs (and herps!) and from what I've seen they take care of them very well. I wouldn't sell my prized buggles to them if I thought otherwise.

    Keep an eye on them as in the future they could very well produce what may be the first P metallica sac in Colorado. *crosses fingers*

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    Re: Kumo Ranch

    ? POSITIVE ?

    I have received several tarantulas from kumoranch.

    All our tarantulas from kumoranch have been very healthy, active, and amazing eaters. I have slings taking down big crickets. They settle in well. Their prices are awesome! Ken and Kim are awesome to talk to, they know their stuff and are very willing to take the time to educate me and help me out when it comes to my Ts. They even spent hours sitting with me while I went through all their slings and looked through their vast personal collection. They are always available for me.

    I definitely recommend KUMORANCH!

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