This is a negative review...

Nate is, or at least was, a hobbyist... haven't heard from him in a few months so I dunno if he's even doing this anymore... but if he is y'all need to be warned.

Nate is basically a thief. He stole a juvie red color form Chilean Rose and an adult C spp Blue from me. The agreement was, of course, that he'd pay me for the two tarantulas but he never did and now there is absolutely no communication.

I'm not the only one he's stolen from, so, watch out for this dude...Don't do him any favors and if he's buying from you, get the money first. I thought he was my friend... I thought he was honest and trustworthy... apparently not.

Also, he's been known to sell reptiles (namely geckos- tokay geckos, crested geckos, etc...), centipedes, tarantulas, scorpions, true spiders, sugar gliders, etc... I guess given his track record, I'd make sure he actually had the animal (and it was healthy and he has it's history, but I'm not going into that) prior to sending any moolah his way.