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    Valley Pets, Fountain CO

    This is a negative review... I also posted on AB about this place and will just copy my review from there. I hope since I originally made this review the store has closed. No offense Sarah and Tim, I know you guys get your feeders there.

    From 10/15/2007:

    I went to Valley Pets as I had never been there before and I wanted to look at their tarantulas and pick up some small crickets.

    The store was filthy and what animals they had in stock did not look healthy. Cages were crawling with sugar ants. The deli cups with the tarantulas in them were even crawling with ants. The worker was totally unconcerned about the presence of the ants.

    The prices were outrageous. They wanted to charge $130 for a juvie, unsexed Brazilian red and white... and they didn't even KNOW it was a Brazilian red and white; we had to tell them. The people who worked there seemed to be really unknowledgeable.

    The customer service was extremely lacking. I asked the guy at the front desk for some help and he ended up just walking away. When we asked for help from him again he started a conversation with one of his co-workers and basically ignored us.

    Needless to say I didn't pick up the crickets there. If there were ants crawling over everything I don't even want to know what would be swarming the cricket containers. Even if I wanted to get crickets the people working there OBVIOUSLY didn't want my money.

    I will not be going back there for any reason and I would not recommend anyone waste their time on that store.

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    Re: Valley Pets, Fountain CO

    I went to Valley Pets a few Months back because I heard they had a Snake Neck Turtle which is something I have been looking for forever, and while they had one it was in horrid shape. The poor animal was in a deep tank that was full with no basking area and no heat lamp, and you could tell it was exhausted from being forced to swim all the time. It also had a severe case of shell rot and parts of its shell were very infected, the worst was that I so wanted to get it just to save it, but the price they were asking was insane. They wanted $80 for a turtle that was sick, and really I know places were I can get healthy baby Color morths for that price online. Crappy store.

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    Re: Valley Pets, Fountain CO

    Horrible horrible store. Dirty, lots and lots of mites, sick animals, stupid prices, and the owners don't understand basic husbandry. The lady who owns the place keeps her "monster' monitor in a very very small cage, with no water, no room to roam, no substrate, and no heat. He's obese and lazy, and it's a shame. Employees are rude and uninformed, and they love to try to push retarded products and prices on people, which was laughable because I probably have more herp knowledge than all of their workers combined. Thankfully though, I know someone with the key to all of their animal's locks =)

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