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Thread: Aphonopelma Coloradanum

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    Aphonopelma Coloradanum

    Has anyone been able to locate a picture of one of these? I would very much like to go hunt for one.

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    Re: Aphonopelma Coloradanum

    The only wild tarantula I've seen is an A echina. We could make a goal of finding a coloradanum this summer. But that brings me to your question on if anyone has a pic... problem w/ those Aphonopelmas is they all look so similar even w/ a pic we may not be able to 100% identify any species we find.

    This site is a great resource to see what spiders have been found where in Colorado. Looks like only one coloradanum specimen has been recorded in the database, though.

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    Re: Aphonopelma Coloradanum

    i would very much like to go looking for this species! could be lots of fun! we just need to know where to go (at least a general area would be nice).

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