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    Those of you at the last COS meeting may remember when we re-housed my H mac I found a live cockroach hiding on her corkbark. After finding the roach I put it one of those insect containers and set it aside.

    Well, I was lazy and didn't pick up that room until last week... I had totally spaced that cockroach was still in there. Much to my surprise when I saw it and picked up the container it was still alive! It went for who knows how long living in Rayon's enclosure with her... not being fed anything directly and not getting eaten! To living in a plastic container with no food or water for a month. Poor little guy but wow! Cockroaches really will be the last animal alive on Earth.

    I just had to post my stupidity.

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    Re: Indestrubctible

    I know what you mean. I've forgotten about colonies of roaches for months just to find them with no food, no water, and about triple the population.

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    Re: Indestrubctible

    Quote Originally Posted by Bell
    Cockroaches really will be the last animal alive on Earth.

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