So Shadow, one of my A versis, molted again, and I swear, he never grows! This is his third molt in my care and he seems no bigger to me than when I first got him. Seriously!

Anyway, I decided enough was enough... I've got him in this container which, although he's hunting fine and everything, it's just too big for him! ... so I decided to re-house him. Y'all know how I am with avics! lol..

He bolted to the outside of his new container and he kept walking to the entrance but, after feeling nothing else to walk on, he stopped moving. Well, I quickly realized he was sizing up where to land, lol. He was about 3" off the ground and jumped a good 6" out to the carpet. It was spectacular. He even made a noise when he hit the ground. It was so cute.

But he's safely in his new home, now, after chasing him around a little. He's SO SMALL and so delicate looking.. I was worried he'd get squashed by my clumsy self.