The RMRE show was yesterday. It was a good show but the general consensus from the vendors was that there wasn't as many people there as with the last shows and not a lot of people were buying things. That's okay for us because our flyers for the forums were free to take. Hehe... hope we get some more members signed up here.

For the fourth show in a row a member of the Mile High Bug Club has taken home the award for the "Best Arachnid." It's only fitting that we monopolize that award, lol... Isaac's uber-rare in the US hobby Heterometrus swammerdami took the prize this time. I'm always shocked when the huge goliath birdeaters or the huge pokies don't win. I'm guessing it's because we take our animals out and play with them. Also, if I'm not mistaken I believe Rocky Mountain Retics took home an award this show, too...? Ashley can correct me if I'm wrong. Congrats to the winners.

Anyway, I wanted to take more pictures this show than what I ended up taking... but it's still more pictures than I took the last show. I may try to find some from the people who came around and took our group pictures and stuff.

I broke the links so check out the pics in the club's official Flickr instead!