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Thread: Leopard Fighting a Crocodile

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    Leopard Fighting a Crocodile

    They say felines and herps shouldn't be left alone together. This is why. ... ard118.xml

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    Re: Leopard Fighting a Crocodile

    Despite the crocodile's huge weight and strength...
    Sure, yeah, the croc was prolly pretty strong. Do you see the muscles on that leopard?? That's, like, all that thing is! It looks like it was a pretty evenly sized match, to me. I would have LOVED to see pictures of it in its tree gnawing on that croc.

    That's really cool to see, though. It's almost like those "animal war" things they used to do... when they computer animated and then built metal replicas of animals to see who would win in a battle... something like that, I never watched the show but was a little familiar w/ it. haha.

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