So we went out to Eric's dad house/farm-type thing way out in the boonies, today... I thought I'd go looking around his acres for some bugs/herps as he has found large orb weavers and snakes out there before. I broke the pictures so check them out at the club's official Flickr, instead!

There are a ridiculous number of burrows on his property... some entrances were bigger than even my fist. I only found two holes that I could say are spider holes... but had long been abandoned:

In fact, I'd have to say with how dry it is out there most of the burrows were probably abandoned... that's the driest I've seen his property in the last three years.

I did find one, ex-snake/gopher hole that was occupied, though... by the ground hornets... actually it's what I've come to learn is a large nest of paper wasps... duhn duhn duhn....... Haha, I'm glad they didn't take my sticking my face practically into their hole (as I wasn't expecting them when I happened upon it) as a threat! This picture is misleading... the hole was in the side of a hill; this pic makes it look like the hole was facing upwards.

So I'm down there taking pictures not even realizing my 82 year-old grandpa was following me around. Next thing I know he's standing practically on top of their burrow yelling at me, "Found any animals, yet?!" "Yeah... you're about to get swarmed by them. Stop yelling and go back up to the house."

Of all the insects I can encounter wasps and bees still freak me out quite a bit because I know I am allergic to them. Once when I was 5 or 6 and was still in Iowa my brother and I caught a big ole bee... but thinking about it, it was probably a wasp. It stung me on the webbing of my finger and I passed out... in our neighbor's front yard... and my brother left me lying there because he's such a good big brother. lol. (I know my mom stalks me on here... you remember that, mom? lol... )

Oh, I also found a pretty cactus flower with itsy bitsy little beetles on it.