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Thread: COS G2G 7/2/08 (Pictures)

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    COS G2G 7/2/08 (Pictures)

    So... pretty much everything we wanted to feed didn't want to eat and the things we weren't planning on feeding ate. No pics of the Phidippus audax or the widow but we have video of those... soon to come! I broke the picture links so check out the album at the club's official Flickr.

    A Steatoda (from CO)... I want to say species was borealis??
    Solifugid... this was caught in CO...
    Androctonus crassicauda...
    Opistophthalmus boehmi...
    Hottentotta trilineatus...
    And I don't remember snapping this pic but I think this was the Centruroides sculpturatus... and is now Brian's pet...

    How'd I do on the scientific names, guys?

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    Re: Pictures from the COS G2G 7/2/08

    haha, well on the true spiders you did good! can't wait for the videos!!! those should be pretty cool!

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    Re: Pictures from the COS G2G 7/2/08

    A+++++++++++++++ GO BELL GO........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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